Children & Adolescents

Children have a lot to contend with while growing up and some deal with it better than others.

I can offer help in a number of situations and have listed some of the common issues that I can deal with. I’m happy to look at any issue that may be causing a problem for your child.

I want to empower children with the belief that they can do and be anything they want to be. I also want them to be mindful about how the speak to other people but also how they speak to themselves. It is so important that they know and love themselves and feel confident and happy in their own skin.

I will always insist that a parent or guardian is present at their session this is so that the child and parent/guardian feel confident with me and the situation. It may also be useful to conduct a home visit as an initial assessment. I will also need to speak with the parent/guardian in private to get some insights but the child or young person needs to feel included in the process.