Linsey is such a kind, caring woman who puts so much effort into individual treatments to suit each client. She has helped me with confidence building and managing my anxiety and after only 2 sessions I have seen a difference. Can’t thank her enough!


I went to see Linsey on 4/12/16 for help to stop smoking after smoking for 28 years. I am more than happy to say that I am still not smoking and have no intention of doing so again. Definitely would recommend.


Second week of this fabulous program lost 15cms this week that’s 26cms already. Onward and upwards. Thanks Linsey


I have received hypnotherapy from Linsey for IVF treatment. I have to say this has completely supported me to overcome my anxiety over the treatment. I have completed a few sessions and also some home hypnotherapy techniques that Linsey showed me. Before I started my therapy, I was very anxious about the treatment as I had tried things before to get pregnant and they have not worked for one reason or another. The therapy helped me to visualise what I want for example a healthy pregnancy and also helped me to stay calm and relax.

We completed sessions that focused on anxiety and also on the injections as this was something I felt really uncomfortable with. The sessions were timed well and Linsey was very flexible with me. Linsey worked with me to find out what I needed and wanted from each session and tailor made each hypnotherapy session to meet my needs and support where I was during the IVF cycle. Linsey also helped me further by creating a tailor made hypnotherapy recording that she emailed and I kept on my phone to listen to when I felt I needed a boost or to calm the mind before egg removal. With Linsey also having gone through IVF herself, she was very aware of what I was going through and feeling at each stage and shared some good advice along side the hypnotherapy sessions.  I am extremely grateful to Linsey for the help and support she has given me for IVF. I do believe the sessions have helped me a great deal, thank you Linsey! Leah xx