HypnoSlimmer Diary – Conclusion



This programme has really worked for me, it has taken the pressure away from “being on a diet” which is what I needed, the freedom to eat what I want, when I need it.   The amount of water that I am drinking has improved my skin and ensured that I am fully hydrated at all times (in the past I could go all day without having a drink).


This programme has literally changed my eating habits for the better and I am convinced that I will continue to reduce gradually over the coming weeks and months .




***18/03/2017 – measured and a further 4cm reduction, but what’s more my shirt/dress now fits a bit tight over tummy but it fits – a few more weeks and it will be perfect.***




HypnoSlimmer Diary – Week 4

4th Week Total reduction 34.5


Had friends staying for the weekend and as is tradition when Claire comes to stay a parmo (a traditional Teesside take away) is ordered. Only ate half and put the rest in the bin, was not tempted to continue eating and eating like I would have done in the past. Friends over again on the Saturday night so again more alcohol and more junk food, but made sure I only ate when I was hungry.





Saturday 18/028/2017 – Final measurements


Neck 36cm
Left Thigh 62cm
Right Thigh 61.5cm
Stomach 120cm
Chest 111.5cm


Total reduction after 5 sessions: 39.5cm (combined from the 5 areas measured)


Absolutely over the moon with my final measurements. Have been able to get a coat fastened that did not fasten at Xmas and feel confident about this continuing.


Not one piece of chocolate has crossed my lips in the past 4 weeks and this is unheard of. Usually at this time of the year I am gearing up for Easter and planning what eggs will be been bought etc. I have no interest in this what so ever and am seriously considering joining the gym. Feel ready now to increase my exercise to ensure the reduction continues.

HypnoSlimmer Diary – Week 3

3rd Week Total reduction 32cm


My son was on half term so our usual routine was different. Found that my stomach was growling but I was not eating as didn’t feel hungry. Took my son and nephew to the pictures, didn’t feel the need for popcorn or any snacks just took along a bottle of water.


Final Session 16/02/2017


Saturday 18/028/2017 –


Neck 36cm
Left Thigh 63.5cm
Right Thigh 62cm
Stomach 122cm
Chest 112cm


HypnoSlimmer Diary – Week 2

2nd Week total reduction 26cm


Was much more focused this week, techniques that have been installed under hypnosis are taking effect when cravings for food do occur its making the craving easier to deal with. This enabled me to cope better on my day off when I had the children. Was more organised and listened more to my body.

Feel positive with the further reductions. Still no cravings and no eating between meals.


Thursday 09/02/2017 – 4rd Session


Gastric band therapy. This is the process of having a gastric band fitted while under hypnosis, tricking your mind into believing that you have had an actual gastric band fitted. Reducing your stomach size which results in you eating less and feeling full quicker.   Without the cost (between 5 and 9 thousand pounds) and the risk of undergoing surgery and all the after effects and no blending of meals.


Saturday 11/02/2017 –


Neck 36.5cm
Left Thigh 64.5cm
Right Thigh 64cm
Stomach 120cm
Chest 114cm

HypnoSlimmer Diary – Week 1

Thursday 26/10/2016 – 2nd Session (day 5) I wanted to get measured before my 2nd session to see if there had been an improvement and as you can see there was.


Neck 37.5cm
Left Thigh 65.5cm
Right Thigh 67cm
Stomach 128cm
Chest 122cm


Really pleased and amazed with a 10cm reduction in the first 6 days.

Normally on an evening I would crave something sweet and my go to would be chocolate and I have not felt the need to eat any. If I have thought about it, it has been a fleeting thought.


Saturday 28/10/2016 (1 week)


Neck 37cm
Left Thigh 65cm
Right Thigh 66cm
Stomach 126cm
Chest 119cm


1st week total reduction 16.5cm

Hypnoslimmer Diary


I had been aware of hypnotherapy being used to aid slimming for a number of years but upon researching the practitioners in my area I had not been able to find anyone who could fit appointments in around my busy work/life schedule. At the time, I was working full time with a young child to look after. Appointments seemed to be limited to Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Having now fully trained in the practice of hypnotherapy I decided that it was now time to put it to work for myself.

I have tried any amounts of fad and not so fad diets over the last 20 years and although always happy with the initial results the weight always crept back on. I know exactly why. I love food, I love cooking and baking and most of my social engagements include food and I didn’t want to give any of this up. I was sick of been the one round the table saying, “I can’t eat that as I’m on a diet”.

HypnoSlimmer is about going back to basics, no measuring, no weighing it’s about been able to listen to your body and eat only when you are hungry. Not focusing on weight loss but size reduction and feeling happy and confident about yourself. As with every weight reduction plan there are rules/guidance to follow but most are around listening and acting on signals your body is giving you. The very first rule though is to do something most people enjoy – buy something new (this must be in a size that you would like to be) and have it on display at all times throughout the programme. I purchased a shirt/dress a few sizes below what I am currently wearing.

Saturday 21/01/2017 – 1st Session
Neck: 39cm
Left Thigh: 68cm
Right Thigh: 69cm
Stomach: 129cm
Chest: 125cm

First week went really well and left me feeling really motivated.
No cravings for chocolate or savoury snacks. Nothing eaten in between meals and portion size reduced. Felt really pleased with the effects of the hypnotherapy session.
Increased my intake of water dramatically opting for an infusion bottle, tried it with oranges and kiwis but found preferred option of lemon and lime or cucumber.
Struggled a little bit on my day off without the usual structure of my office based job. Seeing clients throughout the day and cooking for son, niece and nephew.

I felt less hungry but struggling a bit with the times of eating i.e. its lunch time so must eat. Hoping this will improve after my next session

Found listening to the backup track everyday gave me relaxing time out and really cemented all of the suggestions that Fiona (my hypnotherapist) gave me.